Sizing Advice

We haven't put each manufacturer sizing charts on here as they differ so much and often don't reflect sizing as we know it. Over the years, we've come to work out who cuts on the small/large side. Please consider taking your measurements using the advice below and then we can advise you what size you may need in each individual product. It's so disappointing for people to receive something ill-fitting and we really want to make your time shopping with LadyBiker as pain free as possible.

A. Bust

Take measurement across fullest part of the bust and across shoulder blades. 

B. Waist

Measure around the natural waistline, usually your narrowest part.

C. Hips

Measure approximately 8ins. (20cm) below waistline at your widest part.


Here's a few additional tips for sizing:

  • Measure your Waist to be your narrowest part and your natural waistline, where a belt would sit. And don't suck your belly in!
  • Measure your Hips at the widest part. Helps to do this in front of a mirror so you can make sure the tape measure is level all the way round.
  • Measure your chest around your fullest part, under the armpits and around your shoulder blades.
  • Inner leg is measured from groin to ankle.
  • For best results, measure yourself in your Birthday Suit
  • Use a cloth tape measure, not a metal one
  • Don't worry about the numbers, that's all they are - the most important thing is to get gear that fits with all the armour in the right places

If you're not sure on your sizing or you're not sure what you might need, contact us at and we will happily help you.