Furygan Blizzard Heated Gloves - INDEPENDENT Product Review By Shona

Ok, so I have been riding in a pair of Furygan Blizzard Heated Gloves for the past month or so and wanted to put down some thoughts about them to help others decide whether or not to invest in a pair.

I can honestly say, if you are, or plan to, ride all year round then these are a necessary investment.

So, a bit of background on my riding habits.  I take the bike to work most days which involves a 35-45 minute commute along the A12, a bit of back road riding, and then through traffic.  I ride in all conditions and with the mindset that as long as I have the right gear to wear to keep me dry and warm, there is no reason not to.  This has been fine until a couple of months ago when it really started to chill down in the mornings, I was finding that the rest of me was warm enough, but my hands were bordering on numb by about 15 minutes into the ride.  I have a mild case of Reynaud’s Syndrome which is a circulatory condition meaning essentially once my hands get too cold, they go numb and tingle until thoroughly warmed up again, this generally takes a full soak in a warm bath to get properly warm again and can be quite uncomfortable for a while if unable to do that.  I have worked with horses for the past 25 years and have learned that essentially if I start with warm hands they are more likely to stay that way and remain useable.  It doesn’t work for me to put gloves on once I’m already cold and expect myself to warm up, it doesn’t happen.  I actually think I may be solar powered or at least part lizard!

So, back to the gloves, straight out of the box they are a functional looking and well-made pair of gloves, heating aside, they have a good long gauntlet to them to ensure a pleasant lack of sleeve draught ( I also have stupidly long arms and struggle with jacket sleeves being long enough so to eliminate a draught here is a nice touch!)

So, I tried the gloves on, they feel really comfortable straight away, no wearing in needed, nice and flexible with a good level of feel throughout.  I notice the right hand glove has a little fin on it to clear your visor when riding in rain. (have used this and can confirm its effectiveness) Little touches throughout showing good thought having gone into the design.

Sizing wise these appear to be true to size, I wear a small in these as I do with my other gloves so despite needing to accommodate a battery pack, these are still made true to size in my opinion.

As recommended in the information, I gave the batteries a full charge before the first use, this didn’t long at all (couple of hours from first plugging in).  The gloves come with a charging plug and lead which splits into 2 so you can charge both batteries at once, the light on the plug indicates when they have reached full charge.  Once fully charged, I simply attached them to the cable in each glove and tucked them into the little pouch within the gauntlet of the glove and switched them on, within no more than a minute or 2, these were nicely warmed and ready to go.

I started with these on full (there are three heat settings with these gloves), and they were so lovely and toasty to put on but not bulky in any way.  The display is on the gauntlet so easy to see what is going on.  Through using the App, you can arrange it so that you only need to adjust one glove to another temperature setting and the gloves will then ‘talk’ to one another to change the other one, saving too much focus away from the road.

In all honesty, I turned the gloves down the first time I used them once I was into my journey but given that it was late November it was rather nippy and I quickly turned them back up.  However, this did allow me to see just how quickly they adjust between the different temperature settings.  I have only since used these on full heat for my journeys due the time of year.

Battery life: from full charge and on full heat these last about an hour and a quarter which works well for me as I know I just charge them for an hour or so in the evening and they are ready for the next day.  There is a light on the back of the glove that flashes to indicate they need charging.

Sticking to the honesty theme, these aren’t the bike equivalent of a heated seat in a top of the range Range Rover, you are still exposed to the elements and these are only a pair of gloves, however, I found that my hands, instead of being uncomfortably numb and freezing cold, were a little cool to touch but still fully functioning and comfortable enough to top up warmth wise around a cuppa once I was at work.

Are they worth the price tag?  If you are riding on a nice, bright but cool day, once in a blue moon throughout the colder months and other than that enjoying nicer weather and pleasure trips once shorts weather hits; then probably not.  If, like me, you use your bike in all weathers as daily transport, then yes invest in a pair.  As my Dad always said, any fool can be uncomfortable!

Furygan Blizzard, £250 but £25 off with Code: FBLBJAN, Sizes XS-XL

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