Product Review: Richa Slim Original Jeans - Blue 29" Leg

So comfortable!

These jeans are the most comfortable bike jeans I’ve had and I feel like I’m wearing my regular soft, stretchy jeans. The armour is light and barely noticeable, however this level of protection is a compromise compared to my leather jeans. I choose to wear them whilst training (I’m a Motorcycle Instructor) as wearing leathers all year round is just not practical. I love how light they are because they’re single layer jeans and are perfect for when it gets extremely hot during the summer months. I spend a lot of time standing up watching students ride, so I needed something that offers both protection and comfort. If you’re off to any bike festivals this year and want something to wear whilst walking around, these are just the ticket!

These jeans are definitely a slim fit, not skinny, so it is harder to tuck them into ankle boots, but they are easy to wear over the top of my ankle boots or worn turned up. When I'm sat on the bike, they do rise up a bit (see photo), but they are still over my boots and not showing my leg. If you wear shin length boots, I think they would be easy enough to tuck them into your boots.

They are true to size, I’m a size 14 and I buy my regular jeans from Topshop, but I naturally have a Simon Cowell high-waist (don’t you just love genetics), so I would describe these as mid rise. They are certainly able to give me good coverage on my back whilst I’m sat on the bike though.

I’d never class myself as ‘short leg’ however they are perfect for my leg length, so if you are petite and have a shorter leg than a 29” these may be a bit long for you.

The colour is great, but of course they show the oil and dirt up far easier than my black jeans. After wearing them for a week of work and getting very sweaty, I have washed them without any hassle. Taking the armour out was easy and putting them back in was just as easy. I washed them as advised on a 30 degrees, but to get the oil out I think I’ll need to wash them at 40. My black jeans have faded a lot through the course of last summer, but because these are blue denim, these will have the longevity that the black ones don’t.

If you’re thinking of buying these jeans, it’s a no brainer! I have tried loads of different jeans over the years and these are up there with the most realistic size and are like wearing pyjamas compared to my leathers!

Sizes UK 8-26, Blue/Navy/Black, Short/Regular Leg, £200

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