RoSPA opens new branch for North Wales - at last!


North Wales finally has a RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Advanced Motorcycle Rider training group off the ground.  It has achieved full RoSPA accreditation as their training organisation in covering the whole of North Wales and Anglesey.  The public name is: NWRoAR (North Wales RoSPA Advanced Riders).

NWRoAR have approached to help encourage more lady riders to advance their riding skills, become a lot safer on the roads, possibly reduce their insurance premiums and have fun in the process. All good, sensible stuff - skills for life quite literally. A FREE introductory assessment ride is available for women with a full licence when mentioning LadyBiker.

Additionally, for any existing female RoSPA Gold members, they would also like to encourage undertaking further training with a view to becoming a female Tutor for the group.

 The group’s primary aim is to improve the safety of motorcycle Riders in North Wales and reduce or eliminate deaths and injuries in Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs).  This ambition is achieved through Advanced Rider Training, using the system adopted by all UK Police forces and their Advanced Rider handbook – Roadcraft.  In short, NWRoAR Associates are tutored to ride like a Police Motorcyclist, but without ‘blue lights and escort duty’ techniques.

If you or someone you know may be interested in this then don't be shy, the team at NWRoAR are super-friendly and would be happy to have a chat with you in the first instance.

Contact details to book your FREE Introductory Assessment Ride: 

W -    

E -   

T - 07980 238896 or 07949 855549.



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