Ugly Fish

Ugly Fish R1077

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  • Designed specifically for riders wearing a full face helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Frames: Impact-resistant, shatterproof, stress crack resistant, tough, flexible, high heat tolerance, high UV and chemical tolerance
  • Safety standard ISEN 1938-1999 Personal Eye Protection - Goggles for Motorcycle & Moped users & ISEN 1836-2005 Personal eye equipment - sunglasses and sunglare filters
  • Lenses: Lightests & most impact resistant of all plastic lenses. Will not shatter into pieces in the case of an accident. Durable, scratch-resistant and with added UV protection and anti-fog coating

Amazing specification for a very reasonable price.

Ugly Fish is a leading Aussie eyewear label specialising in sports polarised sunnies, motorcycle goggles and motorcycle sunnies and safety glasses for active people with attitude. They're a little bit irreverent but they take the business of protecting your peepers very seriously. The extensive, innovative and stylish range of Ugly’s are designed to protect your peepers from the harsh conditions, whether it’s the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays or random flying objects, whilst making sure your vision is crystal clear. Perfect for active people when you need to give it everything you’ve got.

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