Draggin Racey

Regular price £200.00

The bestselling ladies protective jean from the company that started it all off!

  • 32" Leg
  • Light blue wash
  • Slim/skinny leg
  • Mid rise
  • Stretch denim
  • CE-approved knee armour
  • Embossed back pocket detail
  • Knee pockets
  • Roomoto 7+ lining
  • No visible seams/panels
  • Sports liner makes them breathable all year round

Draggin Jeans has been manufacturing high Quality Motorcycle Clothing since 1997 and is the only casual motorcycle brand in the world to have ever passed the CE Tests for Abrasion, Burst and Tear resistance. Draggin Jeans products are manufactured under the strictest quality control, are constructed with high quality natural fibres, and are lined along all major crash points with a unique combination of the strongest fibres in the world, Draggin Jeans products are engineered to perform when it really counts. The Draggin Jeans lining represents a revolution in fibre technology. With DuPont™ KEVLAR® forming its core, the lining is soft, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic. The science behind the jeans is all in the lining...the lining is knitted in a particular way that the loop of the weave faces the road. What that means, is that when the rider is sliding, during and off, the knit of the fabric acts to dissipate the heat away from the body. It slows you down so that you don't get as much friction and thus minimises injury.

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