About us

Helping lady bikers of all shapes and sizes to feel amazing!

It doesn’t matter whether you're starting out or are a seasoned pro, buying motorcycle clothes can be a frustrating experience for women. You have to battle with a lack of consistency in sizing, masculine-looking gear that makes you look three sizes bigger, and motorcycle shops that remain a male-dominated (and testosterone-filled) environment - hardly the most comfortable environment in which to discuss your vital statistics.

Initially an online service, LadyBiker.co.uk was founded in 2002 by a team of female riders who recognised that female bikers wanted something different – access to stylish, safe, comfortable and practical gear from a helpful retailer. 

No excuses for bad fitting gear!

Of course, it’s vital to wear protective clothing when riding, but developments in material technology mean that bike gear can now be more stylish while still providing essential protection.

We only sell products that we would wear ourselves.

As a proud and committed team of experienced, female motorcyclists, we have no contractual ties to any manufacturer and only sell products that we would wear ourselves.

Who says internet shopping lacks the personal touch?

If you're worried about buying online, let us reassure you – we take pride in providing a personal “boutique” service to all our customers, in cyberspace!  The LadyBikers are on hand to offer free friendly, honest and helpful advice on the best gear for you, based on your own individual requirements, measurements and preferences.

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