About us

Helping lady bikers to feel amazing for 20 years

Back in 2002, there were no retailers in the UK who catered to the needs of lady bikers. Gear for women was hard to come by and was largely unflattering, while many female riders found motorbike clothing stores off-putting due to their male-dominated and testosterone-fuelled atmosphere.

Then LadyBiker was born. For 20 years, we have been sourcing fantastic clothing for female riders, giving our loyal customer base access to stylish, safe, comfortable and practical gear – the best women’s clothing all under one roof.

We’ve always been completely independent, meaning that we’re not tied to any particular manufacturers. As a result, you can always be assured that we will offer you the very best, impartial advice on the right gear for you - with no ulterior motives on our part. And, we promise, we only sell gear that we would wear ourselves.

Behind the scenes at LadyBiker, you’ll find a small team of women who are passionate about customer service; we’re certainly not your faceless online retailer. So, if you’ve got a question about any item, just ask us! We want you to get your purchase right to make sure we put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Call it a boutique service in cyberspace.

If you’d like to read more about how LadyBiker came to be, read our feature on Managing Director Daisy Bell in Under the Lid.

Meet the team

Clockwise from top left: Daisy, Sharon, Claire, Leanne

Daisy, Managing Director
Fun fact: She travelled around South America on an Africa Twin for one life-changing year
Favourite tipple: Adnams Dry Hopped
Best piece of advice: "Why say no when you can say yes?"
Favourite thing about working at LadyBiker: "Working with great people and doing great things. And it not feeling like work as it’s so rewarding."

Sharon, Book Balancer
Fun fact: She plays guitar and does the best rendition of Little Donkey ever.
Favourite tipple: Vodka and bitter lemon
Best piece of advice: "Quality over quantity every time."
Favourite thing about working at LadyBiker: "The pastries and the fun atmosphere."

Claire, PR & Marketing Guru
Fun fact: She challenged herself to do 40 new things before she turned 40, like riding a rollercoaster and getting her first dog.
Favourite tipple: A glass of red wine for cosy nights in, or a nice cold beer in a sunny pub garden.
Best piece of advice: "Life’s a journey, not a destination."
Favourite thing about working at LadyBiker: "The biking community is so friendly and inspirational."

Leanne, Packaging Queen
Fun fact: She once danced with Bonnie Langford at the Royal Albert Hall
Favourite tipple: Prosecco
Best piece of advice: "It takes nothing to smile at someone but it could mean the absolute world to them."
Favourite thing about working at LadyBiker: "Everything is purple! And the boss is always smiling."