It's all about YOU!

It’s that time of year where as a retailer you start to take stock of what’s happened to your business in the year that’s just gone. And for lots of businesses this means looking at ways to beat down the competition and make more money in the next year. Crass but true.

For us there’s another side to this - we’ve been throwing some ideas around in the office and luckily we all sing from the same hymn sheet. So this isn’t a post about how wonderful we are or listing ten reasons why you should give your business to us rather than someone else. This is about YOU as our customer.

Having just come back from attending a major Bike Festival, which was completely overwhelming in the best possible way, the thing that struck us was what a great bunch of ladies we work with almost every single day. This is why:

1. Trust - You give us the scope to guide you in the right direction with products and sizing. Not every customer might feel comfortable doing that. We know both sides have the same goal in mind – plus it keeps us on our toes, we like it when we get given a challenge. Thank you!

2. Collaboration – You provide your honest feedback on what we do here and how we might do things better. We’re grateful for your tips on products you’d like to see. And your help in the design of our own jackets has been received well and we hope you feel we’ve listened to you. Keep the suggestions coming ladies, we’ll keep doing our best for you.

3. Patience – You appreciate we may not have the answer to every question but we usually know someone who does. Sometimes things take a bit longer to come to fruition, sometimes things get lost, and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. Thank you for having the goodwill and understanding on our bad days!

4. Support – You get behind us with our charity endeavours, be it a Think LadyBiker Sticker for the Blood Bikes or a T-Shirt for Cancer Research. It all adds up for these guys.

5. The main thing is we have a lot of FUN in our job. We chat to interesting people who are always up for a bit of a giggle and banter.

And now for the ten reasons to give your business to us – just kidding!

A big shout out and heartfelt thanks to our brilliant lady biker customers,

From us all here