First Aid Tips

We all hope we never have an accident on our bikes or, indeed, come across one while we’re riding. But would you know how to help a casualty if the worst were to happen? We asked first aid trainer Judy Richter of TrainAidInc for her top tips in the event of an accident:

  • Assess the scene for hazards
  • Make the area as safe as you can for other motorists
  • Assess the injuries of those involved; if there is more than one casualty, consider who needs help first
  • Check whether the casualty is breathing, or bleeding heavily
  • Call 999 or 112
  • Always unfasten the casualty’s chin strap, but only take the helmet off if the casualty’s airways are blocked with debris
  • Administer CPR if the casualty is not breathing
  • Apply effective pressure to any serious bleeding
  • If the casualty is breathing but unresponsive:
    • move them into the recovery position (on their side, ensuring their spine is kept in line; lift chin upwards to open their airway)
    • monitor their breathing
  • If the casualty Is responsive:
    • support their spine and neck
    • keep them warm
  • Await the arrival of the emergency services

It’s important to consider your own reaction to the accident. You may experience delayed shock, so extra take care when travelling home. Stop for a rest break where possible and talk through the event with a loved one for support.

Judy offers three-hour courses across the UK in first aid for bikers, including ladies’ only sessions. For more information, visit or call Judy on 07816 481794.